Tesco Direct

Founded in 2006, Tesco Direct retails a wide range of non-food products via the Internet and catalogues. In 2008, the organisation issued 11.5 million catalogues, attracted around 1.5 million visits to its website each week and increased sales by more than 50% in the year.

Prior to joining scep limited, our consultant was part of the team tasked with developing the first release of the Tesco Direct system and was responsible for BizTalk Server 2006 design for goods-in processes of the project. The goods-in interfaces include purchase orders, purchase order receipts, product catalogues, stock levels, delivery slots. Large message processing in custom pipeline components, ordered delivery and recovery. Web Services wrapper for large SQL Server bound messages using snapshot isolation to guarantee data consistency. XML, flat file and binary transmissions all handled.

Operating System: Windows Server 2003 R2.

Backend database: SQL Server 2005.

Development IDE: Visual Studio.Net 2005 backed by SourceSafe

BizTalk version: 2006 R2