Computacenter plc is the parent company of a group of European companies which provide computer services to public and private sector customers. The company is engaged in the supply, implementation, support and management of information technology systems. Computacenter advises customers on their IT strategy, implements appropriate technology from a wide range of vendors and manages their technology infrastructures on their behalf.

Prior to joining scep limited, our consultant played a lead role in the design and development of one of the first BizTalk 2004 integration projects in the UK. This development was conducted in Visual Studio.Net using C# and VB.Net. Another web front end to a legacy hardware call logging system using AJAX and ASP.Net with .Net Remoting to a pool of .Net business objects which talked to the AS/400 database and web services exposed by BizTalk. Fully conversant with both the design and development of BizTalk Solutions including Schema’s, Functoids, Maps, Pipelines and Orchestration, Static and dynamic routing and use of Roles and Parties.

Operating System: Windows Server 2003.

Backend database: SQL Server 2000

Development IDE: Visual Studio.Net 2003 backed by SourceSafe

BizTalk version: 2004